Janet’s board “Tribe” (pictured below) is a one of a kind art piece designed using one of her favorite tribal techniques.  You can bid online for a limited time (November 1st through 10th) by visiting us HERE, or bid through the live Surfboard Art Festival Auction and Gala event on November 29th.  For more information click HERE.  During the month of November “Tribe” will be on display at the Rock Espresso Bar on Morro Bay Blvd.

About the Artist: I love the natural world and also archaeology and history with their ancient symbols and stories. I studied Native American history in college, and was mesmerized with ancient cave and rock art and other symbols from the past. Currently, I utilize many symbols from Australia’s Aboriginal people in my paintings to tell stories – often of endangered species. Allenspach _Honu boardI have also incorporated their techniques, although I use brushes instead of chewed branches!

I love to travel, and sometimes venture to locations where I can photograph the animals I in turn paint. I have been to Panama where I stayed at a monkey refuge, to Hawaii where I snorkeled with sea turtles, whales and octopus, and to Australia to see the ancient petroglyphs.

I hope to give you, the viewer, delight in the meditative quality of the repetitive strokes (Aboriginal style), restfulness with my use of color, and joy in recognizing the beauty of the world around us. I only ask that you become more aware of the fragility of life, and do what you can to help preserve this beautiful place called Earth.

I also am Program Coordinator for the Liberty Tattoo Removal Program (CAPSLO). We remove anti-social and gang related tattoos, giving many a second chance with their lives. I want to help all animals—even human ones!