Los Osos, CA

Favorite Art Medium
Surf boards

Favorite Plant or Flower

Favorite Spot in Morro Bay
The Back Bay next to the museum

I was originally inspired by Linn Wellford’s “Art of Rock Painting” book. Through this venue, I learned how to use round stones as canvases for painting flowers, turtles, cats, deer, owls and other creatures. I then changed my canvases to include windsurf boards, as my husband and I had acquired so many of these through our years of sailboarding. I created a wind surf board wall in my backyard as a way to recycle old boards, and found that I really enjoyed bringing them back to life. Each time I paint a board, I enjoy the entire process, thinking about the design, deciding on the colors and the theme, and finally completing the vision. I spend hours and days working on the board, either in my sunroom or out in the backyard, and I relish every moment of it.

After living on the central coast for almost 20 years, I have two favorite excursions. One is Arroyo Laguna, the sailing spot north of Hearst castle. Not only is the wind plentiful, but the beach is magnificent as well. My other favorite place is Montana de Oro, where hiking and biking are just magical, especially on days when you look down upon the clouds, and swear it must be heaven.

I love to paint the colors of the ocean and the sky, turquoise, teal and shades of blue. I am inspired by the enchanting sunsets on the central coast and the beaches just blushing with pink sandy hues. And, I have a special passion for flowers, especially the Hawaiian kind. The tropical petals and leaves are so vibrant with color and are really mesmerizing to paint.