Shane Stoneman was born in California in 1973 and moved to Oahu as a child. It was in these early years in Hawaii that Shane became infatuated with surfing and surfboards. By the time his family moved back to California in the early 80’s, he was a complete surf addict. When he wasn’t actually surfing he spent his days drawing waves or surfboard templates on any scrap of paper he could find. His intense dedication to the sport led to years of competitive surfing and a short stint as a traveling pro. He moved to the San Luis Obispo area in the mid 90’s where he applied his focus to a broader horizon. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, started a band, got serious about painting, and started shaping surfboards.

Nowadays, Shane is still busy as ever. He is a married father with two daughters and a surfboard shaper by trade. He keeps his easel and paints set up in the corner of the shaping room lounge in the hills of Cayucos, always ready to make an impression of the California coastline, the surrounding rolling hills, or some surf inspired theme. You can view some more of his art (and a lot more of his surfboards) at Wavelengths Surf Shop in Morro Bay or contact him directly through his website.