Tom Applegate’s board “Paradise, a.k.a. the Ground Magnet” (pictured below) is a unique double-sided tropical surfboard.  You can bid online for a limited time (November 1st through 10th) by visiting us HERE, or bid through the live Surfboard Art Festival Auction and Gala event on November 29th.  For more information click HERE.  His art piece is on exhibit at Dorn’s Original Breaker’s Cafe in Morro Bay.

About the Artist:

Tom Applegate lives and creates on California’s Central Coast. He has been creating art most of his life and has studied art in Europe and here at home, but he is mainly, and intentionally, self-taught.

2unnamed“I have made art more of a creative journey as opposed to an education based endeavor. I have always wanted to create what interested me at any particular time. Catching ideas as they come. I work with different media, styles and subjects. Sometimes I want to be in a warm landscape, other times in an abstract world, tweaking things on the computer, making film, or maybe just painting a bug-eyed fish.”

Tom rarely does preparatory drawings preferring spontaneity to planning.

While not particularly interested in art competition, Tom has never-the-less accumulated a number of awards for his work. His first was in the 4th grade when he won a school-wide competition and had his painting displayed in the San Diego Museum of Art.

Tom is an adventurer at heart. He has a strong connection to the ocean but also roams the deserts and mountains for pleasure and artistic inspiration. In addition to art, Tom is an accomplished rock and mountain climber, commercially rated and aerobatic pilot, solo desert explorer, surfer, and wildlife biological consultant.

Tom is also a partner at Greenfish Designs where he and his partner create a variety of products from their art. More of Tom’s work can be seen at and