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Project Surf Camp

Project Surf Camp Posted by on Jan 4, 2014

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Centennial Park

Centennial Park Posted by on Dec 13, 2013

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MBIB Featured on KCBX

MBIB Featured on KCBX Posted by on Dec 13, 2013

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Surfboard Art Festival

Sep 23, 14 Surfboard Art Festival

Posted by in Art Projects

The Morro Bay Surfboard Art Festival is a month-long celebration of the popular local surf-culture art form.  Surfboard art can be a painting that’s created using a re-purposed surfboard as the canvas or it can be a sculpture that uses a surfboard as the substrate material.  The works are beautiful interpretations of nature or...

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Project Surf Camp

Jan 04, 14 Project Surf Camp

Posted by in Community Partners

Organization is underway for Morro Bay in Bloom’s inaugural Surfboard Art Contest and Auction. Our event will benefit Project Surf Camp, a surfing program for individuals with special needs that began in Morro Bay and is conducted here! Please reply to this email if you can donate an unwanted surfboard that is in one piece....

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Surfboards Wanted!

Jan 04, 14 Surfboards Wanted!

Posted by in Art Projects

Morro Bay In Bloom is in need of unwanted surfboards for a unique art contest! Your eyes are not deceiving you…. We really do need them for an Art Contest. We are hoping to collect 20 old surfboards by January 15th to provide artists a “canvas” for their surfboard art. Please email to...

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Not a Gardener?

Jan 04, 14 Not a Gardener?

Posted by in Bloomin' Blog

Not a gardener? There are many other ways that you can make a positive difference in the appearance of Morro Bay and in the civic life of our community. Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of the following: 1. Want to see more public art in Morro Bay? Reply to this email to join the fun-loving group who will attain...

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