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Morro Bay in Bloom consists of a group of social gardeners with a passion for beautifying our community. 

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Morro Bay in Bloom is a charitable volunteer organization that is dedicated to creating and maintaining welcoming public spaces in Morro Bay, using a national volunteer model that  is transforming communities throughout America.

The model is simple:
1.)  Our  social gardening sessions last 2 hours.
2.)  Our  task  objectives for our social gardening sessions are determined by the number of volunteers who participate.
3.)  Our tasks are varied to suit people of all abilities.

Morro Bay in Bloom’s community efforts include:

  •  Installing and maintaining plantings in our public spaces
  •  Installing attractive floral displays
  • Selecting native and water-wise plants
  • Increasing and caring for our urban tree canopy
  • Championing environmental initiatives by example
  •  Exemplifying tidiness in all our tasks and projects
  • Celebrating our multi-cultural heritage
  •  Celebrating our city’s vitality through creative placemaking

Morro Bay in Bloom is affiliated with America in Bloom, a national program that encourages civic beautification and enables communities to be evaluated on the following  seven criteria by accomplished professionals:  Landscaped Areas, Floral Impact, Urban Forestry, Environmental initiatives, Celebrating Heritage, Community Vitality and Overall Impression. The process of preparing a community profile for the judges brings members of the community together.